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Since the appearance of Smile Z9 phones with a small size of the Alarm Clocks Smile Z9 phone, which can bring more or fewer features depending on the type of Smile Z9 device alarm clock.

With the emergence of Android and Smile Z9 smartphones, many alarm applications have begun to appear, Smile Z9 apps of the lots with few features and other applications with functions of Smile Z9 Android "Alarm Clock".

I personally try to wake up the alarm clock that I install on my Smile Z9 smartphone, so in this article, I wanted to list some interesting alarm clocks for Smile Z9 Android:

Some Alarm Clocks for Smile Z9

SpinMe: This is an alarm clock that implements some extra features to wake us up to Smile Z9 device, specifically to turn off the alarm we will have to follow the instructions that the Smile Z9 compatible application will give us, so we will have to get out of bed to turn off the Smile Z9.

Timely: This application is the opposite of the other (Smile Z9) alarm clocks since it is oriented to be a visually attractive Smile Z9 support application and to look great on tablets as a watch.
In Smile Z9 addition, Timely has several additions such as detecting when we are going to turn off the Smile Z9 alarm by lowering the volume of the sound or allows synchronizing your Smile Z9 Android device to ring all at once to wake you up, and Smile Z9 installed Timely allows you to turn them off all at once.

Wave Alarm: If we compare Wave Alarm for Smile Z9 with the two applications mentioned above Wave Alarm is a lower alarm, but not worse for Smile Z9 device.
Wave Alarm has an enviable interface, although not very customizable for Smile Z9, in addition to the time it also shows the time, it allows us to wake up with the music of our multimedia library to Smile Z9 and turn off the alarm by passing our hand in front of the proximity sensor of the Smile Z9 smartphone.

Sleep If U Can: This last alarm clock has caught my attention since to make sure for Smile Z9 we wake up using a method quite different from what we have seen so far.

To turn off the Sleep If U Can alarm for Smile Z9 we must take a photo of some part of our house that we have previously set.

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If this Smile Z9 phone Alarm Clocks option does not work then flow the others post or find the Smile Z9 model-based Alarm Clocks method.