Jan 2, 2020

Flashing Method Lephone W5

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Why the Lephone W5 Flashing?
You may upgrade or downgrade the Lephone W5 firmware with the Flashing Method Lephone W5 device. Flashing will fix software issues, IMEI related issues, and improve Lephone W5 performance. After Flashing, delete all your Lephone W5 data like photos, contacts, and apps, etc.

What is Lephone W5 Flashing?
Lephone W5 Flashing means removing present stock firmware (Flash File) from the Lephone W5 device and replace with the same version or any other version. Simply, Lephone W5 flashing means changing the OS (operating system). You can flash your Lephone W5 with Recovery mode or Flash tool.

Read the two Lephone W5 flashing method 1st Recovery Mode and 2nd flashing with Flash Tool. Lephone W5 flashing method dependent the what type of flash file use.

1st Method Recovery Mode

You Flashing Lephone W5 device without software, don’t need any flash tool or any USB drivers or Computer to flash the firmware of Lephone W5 with this method. Just you need a flash file for Lephone W5.

Recovery mode with flashing: Follow these steps to flash Lephone W5 stock firmware with recovery mode.

1) First, download the Lephone W5 flash file and Move the Firmware to SD card storage (Do not put the file in the Lephone W5 folder).
2) Remove SD card from the Lephone W5 phone and Power off your Lephone W5, by holding the power button.
3) Hold down the Volume Up + Power Button or Volume Down + Power Button, After that, Release both Buttons for Lephone W5 device when you see LOGO appears.
4) you will see the Android exclamation mark to the Lephone W5 screen. Now, While holding down the Power key press and release Volume Up key. Navigate with Volume key to select wipe data/factory reset option and press the Power Button for Lephone W5 android. see the Hard Reset - Wipe data/factory reset option.
5) Afterward, use the Volume key to select an option YES and press the Power key to confirm. then, select the reboot system now option.
6) Now, insert the sd-card to Lephone W5. then, again go to the recovery mode and select Apply update from SD-card option.
7) Locate the Downloaded Firmware file from SD-card Storage. Afterward, select and Tap on the Firmware and install it to Lephone W5. You have successfully flash the Firmware file.

2nd Method Flashing with Flash Tool

Stock ROM Flashing with software, you need a Computer or Laptop, flash tool, USB drivers with a USB cable, Lephone W5 device flash file, and flashing with this method.
All data will be deleted after flashing for Lephone W5, so back up all personal data like photos, apps, and contacts, etc to prevent data loss to the Lephone W5 model.

Follow these steps to flash your Lephone W5 Android with a flash tool.
1: First, download the flash tool, Lephone W5 flash file, and USB drivers on your computer. Then, Install the USB drivers for your Lephone W5 phone.
2: Next, launch the Flash tool on your PC. Afterward, switch off your Lephone W5 device.
3: Now, press and hold the device Volume Up + Power Button or Volume Down + Power Button key. After that, Connect your Lephone W5 to the computer with a USB cable.
4: So, browse the Lephone W5 flash file in the flash tool and click on the Download button. After that, flashing starts on your Lephone W5 phone. Flashing Method Lephone W5 takes 10 to 15 minutes.
5) Please wait until Lephone W5 flashing completed. Afterward flashing completed, Your Lephone W5 device automatically rebooted. Flashing done on your Lephone W5. Finally, remove the device from the PC.

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