Jan 2, 2020

Make Screenshot Ziox Zi5003

  Admin       Jan 2, 2020

Make Screenshot Ziox Zi5003: When a Ziox Zi5003 smartphone that I have used comes to my hands and I want to make a Screenshot or do something with use Ziox Zi5003 smartphone for this blog, I always encounter the "small" problem that I know how Ziox Zi5003 device screenshots are made.

The process of taking a screenshot or screenshot on Ziox Zi5003 Android can vary greatly depending on the Ziox Zi5003 Android device, the version of Android or the personalization layer carried by the Ziox Zi5003 smartphone with ROM Stock.

Although really, Ziox Zi5003 with some exceptions, a combination of volume key and “on / off” keys usually works on all Ziox Zi5003 smartphones and tablets to capture the screen and save the image in the Ziox Zi5003 device screenshots folder.

Ziox Zi5003 screen capture

In the Ziox Zi5003 there are two ways to capture the screen, one is by pressing the Ziox Zi5003 device “on/off” button together with the Ziox Zi5003 volume down button (both are located next to each other), but if you have the Quick Memo installed you can also use it to capture your Ziox Zi5003 device screen and save the image.

In the Ziox Zi5003 Android, it is very easy to make screenshots, in fact, there are some Ziox Zi5003 smartphones in which it is not so easy to do this and we (Ziox Zi5003-smartphone) must have ROOT permissions and have an application for it on our Ziox Zi5003 smartphone if we want to take screenshots.

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If this Ziox Zi5003 phone screenshots option not work then flow the others post or find the Ziox Zi5003 model-based take screenshots method.


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