Feb 4, 2020

Hard Reset Jio f50y

  Admin       Feb 4, 2020
Hard Reset Jio f50y: It is impressive to see how the number of Jio f50y Android smartphones that we can see on the streets increases and obviously, the buy-sell Jio f50y device or second-hand market also increases, as more and more users change their Jio f50y smartphone on a whim or because their operator has lunched them new Jio f50y and one more modern and powerful.

The second-hand market is one of the best (of the cheapest Jio f50y phone) ways to get a Jio f50y smartphone at a good price, in fact, there are already pages or websites dedicated exclusively to the purchase and sale of Jio f50y Android smartphones and their accessories.

When we are going to sell a Jio f50y smartphone with Android, we must completely reset it to erase (Jio f50y device file) all the personal or multimedia data stored in the system memory, but many Jio f50y Android users do not know how to perform this task - Hard Reset Jio f50y device. and do not want the new owner to see all the Jio f50y phone photos you have stored, right ?.

Various method

Besides, as you can flow in the one method to reset the Jio f50y smartphone, in this case, we can choose between three: Jio f50y hard reset, soft reset, and recovery mode.

Hard reset method

1. Switch off the Jio f50y phone by holding the Power key button.

2. Next step, press and hold the Volume Up button + Power button for a few seconds to your Jio f50y device.

3. So, Release the Power rocker when the Jio f50y device shows the start-up logo.

4. Now, until the Recovery mode starts, Keep the Volume Up pressed.

5. After the choice from the Jio f50y Format System or menu Wipe Data/Factory Reset by using Volume key to scroll and Power key to select options and Tap yes to confirm so if you are sure you want to clear all your Jio f50y phone data.

6. Press the Power key to enter the option reboot system now.

7. Congratulations! Jio f50y cell phone hard reset completed.

When the hard reset doesn't work?

If your phone freezes at any point and holds down the Power button until it restarts. If the factory hard process doesn't fix your issues  (doesn't work at all). So, it's likely that there's a problem with your Jio f50y phone hardware. If it's under warranty, then you should have it fixed or replaced.

If you want to sell your Jio f50y smartphone or mobile, a hard reset will be a great ally, but Android version 5+ at risk for FRP lock.

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If this Jio f50y phone Hard Reset option does not work then flow the others post or find the Jio f50y model-based Hard Reset method.

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