Feb 4, 2020

Make Screenshot Jio f50y

  Admin       Feb 4, 2020
Make Screenshot Jio f50y: When a Jio f50y smartphone that I have used comes to my hands and I want to make a Screenshot or do something with use Jio f50y smartphone for this blog, I always encounter the "small" problem that I know how Jio f50y device screenshots are made.

The process of taking a screenshot or screenshot on Jio f50y Android can vary greatly depending on the Jio f50y Android device, the version of Android, or the personalization layer carried by the Jio f50y smartphone with ROM Stock.

Although really, Jio f50y with some exceptions, a combination of volume key and “on / off” keys usually works on all Jio f50y smartphones and tablets to capture the screen and save the image in the Jio f50y device screenshots folder.

Jio f50y Screen Capture

In the Jio f50y, there are two ways to capture the screen, one is by pressing the Jio f50y device “on/off” button together with the Jio f50y volume down button (both are located next to each other), but if you have the Quick Memo installed you can also use it to capture your Jio f50y device screen and save the image.

In the Jio f50y Android, it is simple and easy to make screenshots, in fact, there are some Jio f50y smartphones in which it is not so easy to do this, and we (Jio f50y-smartphone) must have ROOT permissions and have an application for it on our Jio f50y smartphone if we want to take screenshots.

How do you screenshot on Jio f50y Android?

Open the screen option that you want to capture and few seconds Press the Power button. After tap Screenshot. If that doesn't work for your Jio f50y smartphone, then press and hold the Power button and Volume Down at the same time for a few seconds.

How do you screenshot on a Jio f50y without the power button?

Go to the screen or application on your Android that you want to take a screen for the screenshot. Now on Tap the screen for a feature that allows button-less screenshot for Jio f50y and press or holds a home button key. Now you see the Tap screen slide up from the bottom option, then let go of the home button on your Jio f50y phone.

How do you send a screenshot to someone?

If you want to screenshot Share, then Hold down the power button and press volume down for a few seconds for your Jio f50y. After taking the screenshot, send the file right pull down the notification panel and Tap on 'Share' to send it via e-mail.

How to copy-paste images using File Manager

Open the File Manager application and allow permission, it is necessary.
After go to the Images or photo folder and look for the image you want to copy-paste on Jio f50y device.
Then Long press the image file.
Tap on the Copy icon at the bottom left side.
Now, go to the Jio f50y device folder where you need to paste it.

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If this Jio f50y phone screenshots option does not work then flow the others post or find the Jio f50y model-based take screenshots method.

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