Feb 4, 2020

USB Driver Jio f61f

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Download the latest version Jio f61f USB Driver Zip file and Follow tutorial explains how to install the USB driver manually, If you don't have Jio f61f Android Driver installed, please install it first.

It also allows you to connect the Computer's USB port via USB cable. Here the Jio f61f phone supports the latest version Universal ADB Driver and Android ADB USB driver file download link with the Install process.

How to install a universal ADB driver for Jio f61f device!

Universal ADB Driver Install process

1. Download driver for windows.
2. Connect your Jio f61f model to PC via USB cable.
3. Enable USB Debugging mode.
4. Unzip and Open Jio f61f driver Folder and Run it (universal ADB driver).
5. Click the “Install” button.
6. Press Y/Yes to install Jio f61f driver or N/No to skip.
7. Continue Jio f61f USB Driver installation.
8. Installation success - finished!


Follow it if the automatic installation fails

Manually installing ADB USB Driver

1) Connect your Jio f61f Android device to your PC USB port.
2) Right-click on PC from your Windows-Explorer, and select Manage/Devices.
3) Right-click the Jio f61f device name and select Update Driver Software. It launches the Hardware Update Wizard tab.
4) Select and Click Browse my computer for driver software and Next.
5) Click Browse and locate the Jio f61f ADB USB driver (ADB Driver) folder.
6) Click Next, install (upgrade) the ADB driver.

Download USB Driver for Jio f61f

Support OS: Windows PC
Model: Jio f61f device
File Type: Zip package
Language: English
Get Driver Download Link:
Universal Android ADB Driver Installer

How do I find my Jio f61f USB driver?

Open Device Manager, On Windows 8 or Windows 10, right-click the Start button and select the “Device Manager” option. If Windows 7, press the Windows+R and type the devmgmt. Then MSC into the Run dialog, and press the Enter button. So, expand the “Disk Drives” and “USB Serial Bus controllers” option and look for Jio f61f phone.

Where is the USB option in Jio f61f?

Enable the Developer Options and go to the Settings app, tap Developer Options on your Jio f61f phone. Now, scroll down to the Networking option of settings, So, you will see the 'Select USB Configuration'. Select the default type that you want to set and Tap it. Connect your Jio f61f phone to your computer and wait.

How do I fix my USB device not recognized?

a. Try to Use a Different USB Cable or data cable.
b. Restart Your Computer/Laptop or Jio f61f Phone.
c. Now, Update Your Computer/Laptop or Android OS Version.
d. Enable the USB Debugging on Android device.
e. Connect Jio f61f to Computer/Laptop as MTP.
f. Clean Up Other USB Devices on Computer/Laptop.
g. Install or Update device USB Driver.


a. Run it, Windows Require administrator privileges.
b. If you have older USB Driver (Jio f61f) installed, please uninstall it before installing new drivers.
c. Drivers Installer automatically decides if install 32-bit or 64-bit.

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