Archives for Jivi Phones and Tablet Device Flash File Database. SELECT MODEL:

Stock ROM (Firmware)Brand
Jivi AJ3Jivi
Jivi Energy E12Jivi
Jivi Energy E3Jivi
Jivi GC1209 V01Jivi
Jivi JFP R21 6531EJivi
Jivi JSP-Q65Jivi
Jivi JSP11Jivi
Jivi JSP20Jivi
Jivi JSP29Jivi
Jivi JSP47Jivi
Jivi JSP56Jivi
Jivi JV 12MJivi
Jivi JV-JSP56Jivi
Jivi N120 6531DAJivi
Jivi N210 6531EJivi
Jivi N2244 6531EJivi
Jivi N9003 6531DAJivi
Jivi N9030Jivi
Jivi N93Jivi
Jivi Prime P30Jivi
Jivi Prime P300Jivi
Jivi Prime P390Jivi
Jivi Prime P444Jivi
Jivi RevolutionJivi
Jivi T201 6531DAJivi
Jivi T3000Jivi
Jivi X30 6531EJivi
Jivi X3i J V13Jivi
Jivi X3i PlusJivi
Jivi X48 V2Jivi
Jivi X57 JJivi
Jivi X57 J V04Jivi
Jivi X570Jivi
Jivi X570 JJivi
Jivi X570 SelfieJivi
Jivi X57iJivi
Jivi X57i JJivi
Jivi X606Jivi
Jivi X606 JJivi
Jivi X84Jivi

How do u download Stock ROM (Firmware) 

 If you also want to download and install Stock ROM on your Jivi phone and tablet Device. It also allows users to free download and sharing. So, Now click the Jivi Firmware file download link, click the model number and open a new window, then click the download tab to start the Jivi firmware zip package download.